‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Stars Are Speaking Out Against The Show’s Editing Process

"The real villains are the people that that are behind the show"

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Several Bachelor In Paradise stars, past and present, are speaking out against the show’s ‘unfair’ editing process, saying the “people behind the show” are the “real villains”.

On her Instagram stories, current Bachelor In Paradise star Cassandra Mamone called out editing on a recent episode.

Posting a clip where she, via voiceover, insults fellow contestant Brittany, who is seen chatting to Jackson while Cass watches — she accused the show of editing together several different sentences. Listening back, it’s pretty clear the sound mix is off, supporting her claims.

“I own whatever comes out of my mouth directly but I will not own pieces of different interviews at different times pieced together to steer a narrative,” she writes. “Thank you to those who realised the editing on this ripper!”

Fellow current co-star Keira McGuire shared Mamone’s story in support, writing that the show had “taken [it] too far”.

In her own story, McGuire backed up Mamone further, saying that the show was “destroying” contestants’ lives for ratings.

“The real villains are the people that that are behind the show creating their own narrative and not caring at all whose lives they destroy to get the viewers,” she wrote. “Desperate times call for desperate measures.”

“I’m done being silent, do they actually care about people[‘s] mental [health]? They’ve taken it too far this time.”

Emma Roche, who competed on last year’s The Bachelor with Matt Agnew, also expressed her support, with Keira sharing a screenshot of Roche sliding into her DMs to say she had a similar experience on the show.

“They almost destroyed me last year,” she wrote.

Earlier today, current Bachelor In Paradise star Jamie Doran announced he plans to sue Network 10 over his portrayal on the show.