This Photo Of Baby Yoda Drinking A Cup Of Soup Has Become A Huge Meme

"Been replaced you have, Kermit."

Baby Yoda Cup Of Soup Meme

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Baby Yoda and his cup of soup has absolutely taken over the internet.

The latest episode of The Mandalorian aka the Baby Yoda show, has gifted us with a beautiful new image of the tiny green gremlin.

In the fourth episode of the new Disney+ series, Baby Yoda firmly holds onto his small bowl while minding his business and sipping his soup.

Since it’s release, The Mandalorian has charmed the internet with the Baby Yoda character and continues to do so each week. Set in the Star Wars universe, Baby Yoda isn’t actually baby Yoda but rather a 50-year-old baby in the Yoda species.

Following the latest episode, people have started to suggest that the Kermit sipping tea meme is about to be overthrown by Baby Yoda and his soup. While both are great, there is only room for one iconic green creature with a hot beverage.

The internet just can’t get over over Baby Yoda and his baby soup cup, which is totally understandable. The screenshot has become a meme since the episode aired, with people likening the scene to a whole bunch of real-life situations.

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The fourth episode also blessed us with another iconic Baby Yoda moment — the scene where Baby Yoda continues to touch buttons even though he’s told not to. Extreme baby behaviour that we are here for.

While a lot of us have absolutely no clue with what’s going with The Mandalorian, we can all look forward to whatever Baby Yoda does in next week’s episode.

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