The ‘Baby Yoda Playing With The Radio’ Meme Is Peak Internet Culture

"Baby Yoda knows the vibes."

Baby Yoda Radio Meme

Baby Yoda is just the gift that keeps on giving.

This week, an adorable video of the tiny green Yoda mashed up with different music tracks has been turned into a meme.

The video comes from ‘Sanctuary’, the fourth episode of Disney‘s The Mandalorian, where the Mandalorian takes Baby Yoda into the cockpit of his ship.

As all 50-year-old babies are, Baby Yoda was fascinated with all the buttons in ship. The clip focuses on Baby Yoda flicking switches on and The Mandalorian having to swiftly turn them back off. It ends with the spaceship shaking around while the Mandalorian picks up and places Baby Yoda on his lap to prevent any further mischief.

The scene was originally shared by @xoGlitterTV before being deleted with over 400,000 likes, likely at the hand of Disney for copyright. But that didn’t stop the adorable moment being transformed into the ‘Baby Yoda Playing With The Radio’ meme.

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After the video went viral, @MatthewACherry combined the scene with Juvenile’s ‘Back That Azz Up’ for a piece of beautiful viewing.

People started uploading different versions of Baby Yoda fiddling with the radio, claiming that he definitely knew the vibes and had taste. Edits of the video started popping up to songs like YoungBloodZ’s ‘Damn!’ and Britney Spear’s ‘Gimme More.’

The ‘Baby Yoda Playing With The Radio’ meme can be applied to any song, but has one rule – the song’s bass must drop when Baby Yoda flicks the switch that makes the ship shudder and shake.

Even everyone’s favourite, Lizzo, hopped aboard the Baby Yoda radio bandwagon after her track ‘Good As Hell’ was featured in a meme. “Finally I been waitin’ for bby Yoda to hear my song,” she tweeted.

One ambitious genius even gave the video the old streaming platform crossover treatment, and edited the Succession theme song into The Mandalorian clip.

If you want more Baby Yoda Radio content, the ‘Baby Yoda Listens To‘ account uploads new ones daily.

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