Conservatives Are Furious That Baby Jesus Is Getting Swapped For Baby Yoda In Religious Cakes

All hail our new LGBTIQ icon, Baby Yoda!

Baby yoda conservatives baby jesus cake

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There really isn’t anything that Gen Z and millennials love more than upsetting conservatives, cake, and our lord and saviour, Baby Yoda.

So you can understand why young people are absolutely losing their minds that The Mandalorian’s Baby Yoda, aka Grogu, has somehow managed to enrage conservatives in Mexico all because of a lil’ cake. You see, on January 6, Mexico celebrate Día de Los Reyes or Epiphany, a Christian feast day that honours the Three Wise Men who gave gifts to Jesus.

On this day, Rosca de Reyes (King cake) plays a big role in Mexican culture. Beyond dried fruit placed in the circular, crown-like cake, a tiny baby doll is also baked inside. It is said that hiding the baby “Jesus” in the cake is representative of when Jesus himself was hidden away from Herod the Great, and so, whoever gets the slice of cake with the doll inside wins a prize.

But one burger restaurant in Mexico just wasn’t content with using Jesus this year. Instead, as quirky does as quirky sees, Kraneo Food decided to start selling Rosca de Reyes with 3D-printed Baby Yoda inserts instead of baby Jesus ones, and well, all hell broke loose.

According to bellezalatina on Tumblr, conservative groups were extremely upset by the figurine swap, allegedly calling the move “a direct attack to family values and religion”. And, because everyone loves when conservatives get mad, Baby Yoda is now considered an LGBTIQ icon for simply holding the power to infuriate homophobes that well.

Mexican newspaper Milenio reports that these religious groups are upset because the Baby Yoda cake goes against Catholic customs and traditions.

“This is an attack on family values, it is a direct attack on religion, because they are putting aside the holy family,” Eduardo Hernández, president of the National Front for the Family, said when translated into English. “It is a deterioration of family values ​​because they are fictional characters.”

“We are teaching children that we can be a family value to a comic, like Star Wars characters, and we do not give the appropriate value to the birth of the child God,” Hernández continued.

But according to @AkaneTsunemor18, one person closely following the Baby Yoda VS conservative drama happening in his country, Kraneo Food actually decided to swap out baby Jesus due to financial reasons.

“[They] decided to use Grogu as a replacement for baby Jesus because financially they were doing poorly because of the quarantine,” they tweeted. “When the family saw the success of Grogu, [Kraneo Food] decided to add Grogu instead of baby Jesus.”

While it’s hard to verify the exact truth, Kraneo Food’s Facebook page proves that their decision to swap Jesus for Baby Yoda has paid off. A stream of status updates show that the restaurant has had an influx of orders, which has probably been helped by the free publicity and the fact that staff actually dress in a full Mandalorian costume while selling and delivering product.

Para los amigos que no alcanzaron ruta con Mandalorian.

Les gustaría tengamos un tiraje más para el sábado 16 enero.

Posted by Kraneo Food on Monday, 11 January 2021

But this isn’t the first time Yoda has made his way into a religious tradition, and honestly? It probably won’t be the last.

Long live Baby Yoda, our LGBTQI icon!