People Can’t Decide Whether Baby Yoda, Baby Groot, Or Baby Grinch Is The Cutest

"I would use Baby Groot as fire wood to keep Baby Yoda warm."

Baby Yoda

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It’s the battle of the babies.

Ever since Baby Yoda took over the scene a few weeks ago, he’s all the internet can think about. His entrance into the baby character scene has easily dethroned all babies that have come before him – Baby Groot, Baby Grinch, hell, even Baby Shark.

But people just can’t seem to decide which weird gremlin is the cutest, so here’s a breakdown.

3) Baby Groot

Here’s the thing, people don’t not love Baby Groot. They just love Baby Yoda more, which makes sense when you realise Baby Groot is literally just a tree with eyes. Cute? Sure. The cutest? No way.

The Baby Groot VS Baby Yoda VS Baby Grinch debate started after Variety posted a headline claiming that Baby Groot had words to say about Baby Yoda’s popularity. The publication tweeted that Baby Groot said “I am Groot” in response to the craze over Baby Yoda.

Turns out the article actually wrote: “If you were to ask him what he thinks of baby Yoda stealing his spotlight, he’d probably say, ‘I am Groot.'”

Anyway, the response to the tweet sparked the discussion over who is cuter. But I am here to tell you that of the three, Baby Groot is an easy last place.

2) Baby Grinch

Baby Grinch is cute, in an real ugly way.

The messy hair, the long lashes, the defined brows, the hint of blush on his cheek? If this was the bad bitch Olympics, Baby Grinch would win hands down. But unfortunately this is a test of who is the cutest, and Baby Grinch just loses out to Baby Yoda.

Maybe it’s the fact that Baby Grinch eventually grew into adult Grinch that knocks a few cute points off. Or maybe the whole biting the head off a Santa figurine as a baby thing was what did it. Whatever it is, there’s something just a little off about Baby Grinch.

But Baby Grinch was the original of the three, so we must give props where props are due.

1) Baby Yoda

I mean, COME ON. While Baby Groot and Baby Grinch are undoubtedly cute, neither have more impact than Baby Yoda.

The tiny green creature from the Star Wars universe first popped up three weeks ago, after the first episode of The Mandalorian aired on Disney+. When Baby Yoda first appeared on Twitter, the internet blew up — and really hasn’t stopped blowing up since.

Every week that a new episode of the Baby Yoda Show™️ airs, a crop of new memes are created. Even three weeks in, the buzz around Baby Yoda has yet to die or slow down. He’s gained a real cult following of the back of little clips and screenshots alone and a big chunk of the people who love Baby Yoda haven’t even watched the show he came from.

Despite technically being a 50-year-old man, Baby Yoda is undoubtedly the cutest of the three. This minuscule rat could honestly shoot me in the leg and I’d probably apologise to him for it.

The Leftover Babies

The animated baby discussion has even gone beyond Baby Yoda, Baby Groot and Baby Grinch, with others claiming there are even cuter contenders. Honourable mentions include Baby Pickachu, Boss Baby, and Baby Gromit.

But let’s be real, no other comes near knocking Baby Yoda off the top spot.