Baby Seal Sneaks Into House Uninvited, Acts All Sheepish When It Gets Caught

So rude.

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The prospect of a home invasion is terrifying for any decent citizen — it violates all known standards of decency and modern property rights. But for one unfortunate woman in New Zealand, her worst nightmare came true when a baby seal blatantly wandered into her home, looking for food or perhaps employment, only to be caught out on video.

The offender has since escaped, but if it’s reading this on a stolen laptop, I have a message: break-and-enter is a fucking felony, mate. You could go to jail for this.┬áThere are states in America where I could’ve shot you and a jury would’ve let me off in five minutes. You’re playing with fire, son.

Screenshot 2015-06-23 at 9.00.02 AM

Hiding under a chair is a coward’s way out. We all know you’re under there. Sort your life out.