Aziz Ansari Shot A Fan Video To Kanye West’s ‘Famous’ In Italy. It Is A Masterpiece.

Our generation's Citizen Kane.

Aziz Ansari is filming the second season of Master of None in Italy at the moment, along with Tim and Eric comic and MoN cast member Eric Wareheim. If the video they just released, apropos of absolutely nothing, featuring themselves dancing, eating, drinking wine and violently humping tiny cars to Kanye West’s ‘Famous’, they are having a very good time.

Highlights include the¬†shots of almost a dozen Italian dinners at 2:45, the Friends Forever photo of them riding a stone lion at the end, and every time Eric Wareheim mouths “WOOOOOOOOP”.

Only time will tell whether Ansari and Wareheim’s effort will surpass the original idiotic Kanye fan-vid: Zach Galifianakis performing ‘Can’t Tell Me Nothing’ on a farm.

Our generation’s Citizen Kane.