Aziz Ansari Went On A Twitter Rampage Against Rupert Murdoch Over His “Moslems” Tweets

"If only I could hack into Rupert Murdoch's voicemails and hear what his panicked PR people say after they read whatever racist shit he says."

Media mogul/scrotum with eyes Rupert Murdoch’s “thoughts” on Muslims and extremism post-Charlie Hebdo have already prompted some pretty vigorous push-backs from people like Adam Hills, Aamer Rahman and Pukkah Punjabi, but comedian and Parks and Rec star Aziz Ansari seemingly didn’t see the whole thing until yesterday, when he began retweeting some of Murdoch’s more fragrant comments, along with commentary of his own.

Ansari started warming to the theme, and began asking Rupert some pretty confronting questions about his own faith.

Ansari then hit on the bright idea of blaming Rupert Murdoch for pretty much any bad thing awful rich old white men have ever done, which is both a lot in general and a pretty good deal for someone as individually awful as Rupert Murdoch.

Other people started getting in on the fun as well, with #RupertsFault trending worldwide.

All in all, a pretty good day on the Twitters for people tired of racist nonsense from a powerful hypocrite.