Azealia Banks Chatted To Kyle & Jackie O And Showed Them The Skull Of A Child

Other than that, it was actually a pretty measured chat (?)

Azealia Banks went on Kyle and Jackie O to talk about 'cooking' her cat

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After capturing the world’s attention for seemingly ‘cooking’ her dead cat on Instagram, Azealia Banks has decided to explain why she home-preserved her pet’s bones in an interview with, of all people, Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O.

Chatting to the duo for ten minutes on their KIIS radio show on Thursday morning, Banks walked them through the process of home preservation, and why she chose to honour her late cat Lucifer via turning his teeth into earrings.

Jackie O starts the interview by mispronouncing ‘Azealia’, then Sandilands establishes he loves Banks’ music, and says he “felt for [her]” when the internet jumped on her contextless videos, as he has “animals buried all over my properties.”

First, Banks clarifies she didn’t eat her cat, as many at first speculated, but dug up the three-month dead body to preserve the bones.

Banks goes on to describe how “bones are where the energy is held of a person”, which is why she wanted to preserve Lucifer. She also has a fascination with bones, and at one point held up on their Zoom chat a human skull of a “six-year-old girl who died from head trauma” that she bought from

Back to Lucifer, Banks says she got him when she was just 18, that he meant a lot to her, and that he died of a kidney issue as she didn’t know how to feed him properly at first.

“My cat died from a poor diet. He got sick and had a kidney stone and was on an IV for a couple of weeks,” she said. “We switched him to a kidney diet…he did well for four years, but unfortunately he passed. When it was coming down to it and realising that ‘shit my cat is dying’ i had to make the decision whether or not to pay a veterinarian to shoot him up and killing him…I let him die peacefully at home and buried him.”

Sandilands then compares the preservation to taxidermy, which Banks says would ‘scare the shit out of her’. She then described the process of preservation, after digging up Lucifer’s body.

“I boiled it and you have to give it a peroxide bath, to get the flesh off the bones,” she said. “I have his mandible here, which I’m going to get made into ear cuffs. It’s his bottom jaw. Coated in titanium and made into ear cuffs.”

Sandilands and Jackie commend Banks’ creativity, with Kyle calling her a ‘creative, through and through’.

They then theorised that Banks got so much attention for boiling her cat on Instagram due to the ongoing allegations around Armie Hammer, where one act of depravity highlighted another (‘eating a cat’).

Banks, a blessed person, has no idea who Hammer is, but tells them to “never date an actor, they’re always acting.”

Overall, the interview was far less chaotic than you’d imagine from this combination of people: Sandilands and Jackie O were on their best behaviour, and the interview was guided by Banks’ farily rational discussion of the art of preserving.

Putting aside the whole ‘child skull’ thing, the most off-the-rails moment came at the end, when Sandilands asked about whether Banks was releasing an album soon.

“Nowadays when you have everything working against you,” she said. “Like people thinking that you’re eating cats…it’s a really big investment to make an album then still not be able to tour it and fight against the fact that people think you’re a cat eater.”

Sandilands jokes that pussy is one thing, but eating cats is another, prompting Banks, a bisexual, to say she’s “never eaten a cat, I’ve eaten a pussy before” — prompting Kyle to suggest Jackie O has too, and is “on the down-low”. Jackie says next to nothing, and Banks says the most astute comment of her career: “You guys are a mess.”

Watch the interview below, and listen to Banks’ most recent track, ‘Six Flags’.