This Avocado Is Simply Too Big

It's just too large, I'm sorry.


We’re going to need a bigger sourdough: giant avocados have arrived at Australian grocers.

Dubbed ‘avozillas’, these avocados weigh an average of 1.2kg and are roughly the size of your head. They will sell for around $12 each, and they are simply too big.

The avozilla isn’t the result of some super villain GMO lab: it originated in South Africa, and has made its way across the globe in recent years.

But the Groves, a Queensland family of farmers, have now brought the fruit to Australia, harvesting 400 trees at their tropical fruit farm three weeks ago.

The Groves endured a bureaucratic process to bring the avozilla to our shores — they told the ABC the trees have plant breeder rights, royalties and licensing agreements. They’re also not the easiest to farm: due to their weight, they bruise when they smash into branches on windy days and, for the moment, require hand-packing.

It’s reported that they are more buttery than their smaller brethren — unfortunately, Junkee’s local grocer only had regular ol’ Hass avocados, so we could not confirm.

To be frank, we fear the avozilla, but not for its Godzilla-like stature. We fear it will enable a new wave of jokes about housing prices across supermarkets across Australia. Please, we beg: don’t. It’s low-hanging fruit.

Photo credit: The Kitchen Coach instagram