People Are Listing All The Best Shows Ever On Aussie TV For A Nice And Good Reason

Turns out there's actually heaps.

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Remember TV? Remember how good it is? Well, it’s easy to forget that a lot of that good TV comes from Australia — which is why a new hashtag has set out to celebrate all the great local television we’ve enjoyed.

Who could ever forget the sheer weird brilliance of iconic Aussie TV like Round the Twist or Mulligrubs or Lift-Off? Or what about staples like Neighbours and A Country Practice? Or lately we’ve been hitting it out of the park with shows like Please Like Me and Glitch and Danger 5.

Today Aussie TV writer and creator of Cleverman Ryan Griffin began the hashtag #AustralianTVILove on Twitter. He says that “Australia punches well above it’s weight in the Film/TV market. As a country we need to support it and help it grow.”

His tweet came in response to an article in The Guardian that paints a grim picture for the future of the Australian TV industry, claiming it’s “fighting for survival”.

Australian film and TV stars like Cate Blanchett, Joel Edgerton, Rose Byrne and Chris Hemsworth have added their voices to the issue with the “Make it Australian” campaign, which has been lobbying to convince the federal arts minister of the industry’s cultural and economic worth.

Ryan Griffen’s hashtag aims to help get some popular support behind the Aussie TV industry. “The government plays a massive part in this,” he said. “It needs to respect what this industry does and the work it puts in. If you love and watch Australian content than voice your concerns.”

And as it turns out, people actually love homegrown telly, and there’s a lot of shows to love. Yay for Aussie TV!