The Australia-China Meme War Has Taken Australian Wine As Its Newest Casualty

Politicians around the world are showing China who's boss by *checks notes* drinking Australian wine on video and posting it on Twitter.

The Australia-China meme war continues, now with politicians around the world showing China who’s boss by *checks notes* drinking Australian wine on video and posting it on Twitter. That’ll show ’em!!

The Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China, made of over 200 MPs from 19 countries, launched the #SolidaritywithAustralia campaign on 1st of December — kicking off the final month of this shithouse year in the most appropriate way, I suppose.

The campaign starts off with representatives from countries including New Zealand, Italy, and Japan bragging about how their alcohol is the best alcohol.

But stop, says US Representative Ted Yoho — yes that Ted Yoho who called AOC ‘a f’***ing bitch” — because in December “we’re drinking something a little bit different because our friends need our help”. Friends, meaning Australia. Help, because China is “bullying” us by blocking and putting tariffs on Australian imports — wine being one of the worst affected industries, facing tariffs of up to 212 percent — because our government keeps telling them not to commit human rights violations.

This increasingly tense trade war came to head earlier this week when a Chinese official tweeting a meme about Australian troops’ alleged war crimes in Afghanistan.

To combat this “attack on free countries”, MPs around the world are encouraging people to drink a bottle or two of Australian wine to show the Chinese Communist Party “we will not be bullied”.

The White House holiday reception being held this week will also feature Australian wine: “Pity vino lovers in China who, due to Beijing’s coercive tariffs on Aussie vintners, will miss out,” tweeted the Trump administration.