5 Aussie-Made Podcasts You Need To Know About

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As a self-confessed podcast fanatic, I can’t tell you how many walks I’ve taken just to get that extra 20 minutes of the Hamish and Andy podcast in, or how many drives I’ve extended just to finish an episode of This American Life.

There are so many podcasts out there, it can be hard to know where to begin. But, as usual, home soil ain’t a bad place to start. Here are my top five Aussie-made podcasts you need to know about.

#1 Australian True Crime

Australian True Crime talks you through a number of high-profile crimes in Australian history, as well as a few lesser-known incidents that are guaranteed to knock your socks off. Hosted by TV personality and comedian Meshel Laurie, there’s real heart within this often confronting show. Meshel makes a point of seeking out witnesses, victims and victims’ relatives to get all sides of the story.

I’d highly recommend checking out the episode titled “31 Reasons Why I Have PTSD with Narelle Fraser”. It follows a long-serving police officer offering some insight into the gnarly world of the police force investigating crime in Melbourne.

#2 The Pineapple Project

5 Aussie-Made Podcasts You Need To Know About

Want to get on top of your money but have no idea where to start? ABC’s Pineapple Project podcast will give you the lowdown on saving, investing and talking to your partner about finances.

But don’t worry, it’s hosted by Claire Hooper so it’s very funny and entertaining.

#3 Conversations

5 Aussie-Made Podcasts You Need To Know About

Conversations is, quite literally, a series of conversations hosted by Richard Fidler. He invites really interesting people on who have amazing stories to share about their life, their research or their experiences.

I can’t implore you enough to listen to the Andrew Wallace episode, titled “An Australian Firefighter’s 9/11 Story”. It’s such a gripping series of events to listen to!

#4 Casefile

5 Aussie-Made Podcasts You Need To Know About

Arguably the real MVP of true crime podcasting, Casefile has gained a following all over the world for its incredible documentation of international crimes. It features an anonymous Australian narrator who has become somewhat of a cult icon among the podcasting community. But it’s the narrative style and storytelling of the podcast that’s the true hero, as each episode manages to make you cringe, think, cry and sometimes shake your head at some of the unjust (and often cold) cases they report on.

It’s a tough task to narrow down my favourite episode of this one, but a few I think are definitely worth a listen are: “Case 76: Silk Road (Parts 1-3)”, “Case 65: Allison Baden-Clay”, and “Case 50: Jennifer Pan”.

#5 Wilosophy

5 Aussie-Made Podcasts You Need To Know About

Created by comedian (and Aussie TV veteran) Wil Anderson, Wilosophy gets deep with interview subjects about all things life, death and career.

A notable episode would be with Todd Sampson, one of Anderson’s co-hosts on ABC’s The Gruen Transfer. The two reminisce on some behind the scenes moments on the show and delve into Sampson’s endeavours on his TV show Body Hack.

(Lead image: Sascha Kohlmann/Flickr CC)