An Aussie Hero Is Facing A Huge Fine For Using A Drone To Order A Bunnings Sausage

We love a sausage, with onion and sauce, in white bread. We love it a whole lot.

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Let’s talk about our justice system, folks. Specifically: what is happening to the world if a bonafide Aussie Legend is fined $9,000 just for being the first genius to collect a Bunnings sausage using a drone instead of his own two feet? Has the world gone mad?

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority is investigating after a video was uploaded to YouTube of a man piloting a drone from his home to the Sunbury Bunnings carpark to pick up a sanga from the weekend sausage sizzle. The CASA has said the drone trip violates a bunch of drone regulations, including use out of line of sight and use over a populated area.

CASA spokesperson Peter Gibson has said the drone can be seen in the video (which has since been deleted from YouTube) travelling over a housing estate, over a four-lane road and then hovering over the sausage sizzle. “You can clearly see people walking to and from their cars,” he told The Age. “You can clearly see people around the sausage sizzle.”

In an anonymous interview with tech mag EFTM, the drone operator defended the video, saying, “we shot it in parts, never going over homes or people”. The operator also claimed to have permission from those running the sausage sizzle.

The Bunnings sausage is, of course, an age-old Australian tradition. It’s at least as sacred as the Democracy Sausage on election day. So vital to Australian life is the Bunnings sausage that there is an entire Facebook page of memes devoted to it: the disturbingly entertaining Bunnings Memes. The page has just responded to the news, calling it “fucking bullshit”. “$9000 snag probably worth it though.”

Know this: we love a sausage, with onion and sauce, in white bread. We love it a whole lot.

Let’s be honest for a second here: would you like a Bunnings snag delivered to you via drone while you sit in a hot tub in your backyard? Yes. Of course you would. However, take this as a hefty warning: despite claims they did nothing wrong, the drone operator now faces a fine of $9,000 for the illegal flight.

That’s a heck of a lot of dosh to lay down for a Woolies sausage in bread.

Feature image via Instagram.