Everybody Is Losing Their Minds Over How Hot Aubrey Plaza Is In ‘Happiest Season’

So hot that fans want her to have a spin-off.

Happiest Season, the gay romantic dramedy starring Kristen Stewart and Mackenzie Davis premiered over the weekend and people are losing their minds over how hot Aubrey Plaza is.

In the film, Plaza plays Harper’s ex, Riley, who becomes a confidant to Abby (Kristen Stewart) as she tries to navigate the complex feelings of pretending she isn’t gay, because Harper is not yet out to her family.

Riley consoles Abby throughout the film, from the perspective of someone who was also once in love with Harper and also had to hide it — and while her role is a relatively minor one, that hasn’t stopped people from losing their minds over how hot Miss Plaza is. Her sultry, yet slightly sad swagger just oozes BBE (Big Bicon Energy), and people can’t get enough.

Many people even believe that Abby and Riley should have ended up together at the end of the film instead. Admittedly, Kristen Stewart and Aubrey Plaza’s chemistry is, how can I say this tastefully, BANANAS. Chemistry I believe can be credited to how hot they both look in their suits and fitted coats throughout the film, as everything else.

Alongside Kristen Stewart and Daniel Levy, Plaza is also openly queer and has been for years. In 2016, Aubrey Plaza came out as bisexual in an interview for The Advocate.

Personally, I believe that everything about her presence in this movie; from her nuanced portrayal of the jaded enigmatic ex, to the way she absolutely slays it in those fits, to the flaming hot eye contact and general chemistry Plaza shares with Stewart is a testament to the magic that happens on screen when queer actors have space and opportunity to play queer roles.

Aubrey Plaza’s hotness is so powerful, people are calling for a spin-off following her character as the town’s resident hot doctor. I can’t speak for everyone, but I have personally never been more ready for a spin-off in my life.

Whether you wanted Riley to be with Abby, or with you, one thing is for sure: ex-girlfriend, Aubrey Plaza running around in fitted suits making sad sultry eye contact with Kristen Stewart was the best early Christmas present 2020 has given us so far.