‘At Home With Tone’ Is The Hilarious Tony Abbott Parody You Never Knew You Needed

Think 'At Home With Julia,' only much better.

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Whether or not Australia’s 28th Prime Minister has become the first human being impossible to satirise is an intriguing question, and one that cartoonists and comedians have been giving serious consideration to for some time. But some brave souls are giving it a red-hot go: At Home With Tone is a new webseries taking a satirical look inside the Abbott household, when the pater familias comes home after a long day of getting booted around by an ungrateful nation to the loving bosom of his womenfolk.

The first episode’s just gone up, in which Tony gives himself a pat on the back over dinner for surviving his first-ever leadership spill and his family uncomfortably wait for him to stop that creepy laugh he does. It’s not half-bad.

That guy does a Tony-Abbott-laughing imitation that’s almost as good as Karl Stefanovic’s.

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