This Genius Recorded A Synthwave Cover of The ‘Arthur’ Theme Song And It Totally Slaps

It's a wonderful kind of day indeed.

Arthur synthwave theme song

Of all the ’90s theme songs, perhaps none are as enchanting and downright uplifting as ‘Believe in Yourself’, AKA the main song from Arthur.

Sure, the animated cartoon itself, a young adult sitcom starring a bevy of weird-looking rodent types, is good and everything. But the real masterstroke is the song, written by Ziggy Marley, that combines optimistic bliss with one helluva beat. Hey, it is a wonderful kind of day indeed.

The song has permanently settled into the pop culture imagination, inspiring numerous covers, rip-offs and tributes. But perhaps none are as much fun as this synthwave cover, the brainchild of internet polymath Hot Dad.

Written to accompany a “Virtual Vidcon” video from beloved YouTuber Quinton Reviews, the cover is a glassy work of synth genius. Basically, it’s like nothing you’ve ever heard.

Check out the clipped version for Twitter, here:

And then the real thing right here:

And remember: it’s a wonderful kind of day.