Heads Up, The New Season Of ‘Arrested Development’ Won’t Be On Netflix

The rest of the world will get it on Netflix on May 29, but not us.

arrested development

If you’re excited about the upcoming fifth season of Arrested Development, I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news — the new season won’t actually be dropping on Netflix on May 29 in Australia, though it will for the rest of the world.

Why’s that, you ask? As it turns out, despite the new season being a Netflix original, Netflix doesn’t actually have the first-run rights to it down under. They were sold to Foxtel for its Comedy Channel way back in the distant past of 2013, before Australian Netflix was even a thing.

Student Edge was the first publication to actually pick this up, but we reached out to Netflix and Foxtel to check and they’re totally right. Arrested Development doesn’t appear on a list of new Netflix content for May, and a Netflix representative confirmed that they don’t have the rights, so it won’t appear on Netflix on the 29th.

As for when and where you can watch it, there’s no word yet. We’ve reached out to Foxtel to ask if they still have the rights, and we’ll update this piece when they respond. Until then, we guess you can just watch the trailer over and over again, gazing sadly at that May 29 release date.

Update: Foxtel got back to us, and yep — the new season will be airing on The Comedy Channel express from the US on May 30.