It Took 0.5 Seconds For One Lyric From Ariana Grande’s New Song To Go Full Meme

'Thank U, Next' has inspired some extremely good memery.

Ariana Grande Lyric Meme

Hello and welcome back to MEMEWATCH 2k18, a Junkee article series I definitely did not just make up on the spot right now. It’s good to have you back. Today in the world of memeology we turn our attention to the latest slice of zeitgeist hitting your feeds and like all good 2018 internet content, it’s inspired by angel-human Ariana Grande.

In case you missed it like some kind of huge loser, the pop goddess released a new song over the weekend which is already copping heaps of praise, not only for frankly just whipping sack musically, but also for the way Ari earnestly delves into her relationships past, touching on how each of them has helped her grow as a person.

Ari could have gone full petty and categorically rinsed her most recent ex Pete Davidson but nope, she’s too good for that. She’s pure and kind and all-powerful. We stan a respectful Queen!

Anyway, one of the lyrics from the new tune goes “one taught me love, one taught me patience, one taught me pain”, referring to Big Sean, Pete Davidson and Mac Miller respectfully, but the internet has of course done what it does best and turned it into a big ol’ meme.

Whilst it started off with simply swapping out Ariana’s IRL exes with boyfriends of pop culture yore, (pretty sure that’s the Gilbert Girls various husbands above?) it quickly spiralled into the usual mix of insanely niche fandom references and borderline inscrutable piss-takes.

Here’s a selection of the best for your weekday memeing:

Ok, that last one is just three dogs with Crocs on their heads, portraying absolutely no evident connection to the context of the meme. I give it 5 stars.

Memes! Gotta love ’em. Thanks, Ariana Grande.