This Ariana Grande Stan Was Grounded By Her Mum, So Now She’s Secretly Tweeting From Her Fridge

And her Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, too.

Ariana Grande fan twitter @thankunext327 has been grounded

Stan accounts have an unbridled enthusiasm — an energy more powerful, and if you’re on the wrong side of it, destructive, than any finite mineral or resource.

That was clear when Ariana Grande fans sent music journalists death threats over a single tweet, or when BTS fans forced Channel 9 to apologise for an insensitive 20 to One segment on the boyband, but if you needed further proof, behold @thankunext327. It’s an Ariana Grande Twitter account who has gone above and beyond to continue tweeting after their mum took away their social media access.

The account, run by a fan called Dorothy, only had 500 followers on August 4, but now has more than 16,000 after her efforts to keep stanning Ariana despite being grounded saw the Arianators support her online.

It all began when she Tweeted a picture of Grande crying, saying she was leaving forever because her mum took her phone. “I’m crying. goodbye,” she wrote.

When someone asked how she was Tweeting, Dorothy explained she was using her Nintendo DS to Tweet — explaining the original tweet’s #ACNL hashtag, which is for 2012 3DS game Animal Crossing: New Leaf. She isn’t lying, either: you can see it via Twitter’s ‘sent from Function’.

Shortly after, someone snitched, and a Tweet went out (sent from an iPhone too) on the account identifying themselves of Dorothy’s mum, complete with a picture of the DS caught-in-action. “This account will be shut down now.”

Thought this was over? Far from it — a day later, Dorothy posted a screenshot from her Wii U via Minecraft‘s screen share option.

The screenshot includes an in-game message Dorothy wrote to her followers: “Hello, my mom took my phone and nintendo ds soi [sic] have no choice but to use my wii. thank u for all the support and love, i will answer my dms and follow back when i have a stable connection to twitter. bye <3 – dorothy.”

Now with a stable, dedicated following, Dorothy continued to share updates, using the Wii U and then finding her DS while her mother was out and escaping to her friend’s house to Tweet.

By this point, a #FreeDorothy hashtag began — as did the memes.

Of course, this story is truly too good to be true. Especially now that Dorothy appears to be Tweeting via LG Smart Refrigerator, which fellow Junkee writer Sam Langford points out may be a world first, given an advance Twitter search of the LG Smart Refigerator didn’t produce any tweets but Dorothy’s. This proves what we already knew: that Dorothy is relentless, and that nobody needs or uses 90 percent of their smart fridge’s capabilities.

Of course, this story is simply too good, and fellow Arianators are are suggesting that it might all be a fake in a Twitter thread which is simply too exhausting to read.

Then again, you never know — stans will do anything to keep stanning. Earlier this year, a popular Taylor Swift fan Twitter continued to update her account with pro-Palestine messages from inside an Israeli prison, after being detained for rejecting conscription as an Israeli citizen.

Music Junkee has reached out to Dorothy, and hopefully she’ll respond to our messages once she finds a WiFi connected Toaster.