Ariana Grande Got Hit By A Lemon During Her Coachella Set, And Everyone Suspects Beyonce Fans

The lemon is, of course, one of the most potent symbols of the Beyonce fandom.

Ariana Grande

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Last year, Beyonce headlined Coachella. That performance proved to be a good thing for Beyonce, her fans, and the festival, and a bad thing for literally anyone with the intention of headlining Coachella ever again.

After all, Beyonce’s two sets in 2018 have been canonised as some of the most important performances ever given by a major recording artist. The shows were like Talking Heads’ ‘Stop Making Sense’ tour if it was more politically engaged, louder, bigger, and streamed to more people.

Basically, it completely raised the bar in a way that this year’s performers have had to make a big deal of not trying to sail over. Most of the artists, like Billie Eilish and Ariana Grande, have kept things deliberately and pointedly stripped down. It’s not clear what attempting to go bigger than Beyonce would even look like, much less if anybody would actually be able to do it.

Nonetheless, even still, the spectre of Beyonce has haunted Coachella — most clearly represented by the lemon that was pegged at Grande during her set this weekend. The lemon, of course, is a stand-in for Beyonce’s Lemonade, the revolutionary pop record she released back in 2016.

Needless to say, hurling a lemon at a performer is not a very nice thing to do, even if the act is intended as a tribute to your favourite musician. In fact, pegging anything hard and round at a musician should be considered a significant no no. Throwing soft things, like roses and pleasantly-worded letters of encouragement is okay, but citrus fruits are a line best not crossed.

Oh well. At least Grande took the lemon throw in her stride. Check out how that thing simply bounces off her as though she didn’t have a care in the world.

Indeed, the lemon was probably less of an encumbrance to her set than the bizarre guest appearance from Justin Bieber that went down a little later. That’s showbiz for ya!