Arcade Fire Made An Extremely Stupid Video For Clickhole And We Love It


Arcade Fire’s promotional rollout for latest album Everything Now has been slightly awkward and even downright cringeworthy at times, but we’re happy to announce that the band have now officially redeemed themselves.

Frontman Win Butler teamed up with internet absurdists Clickhole to discuss his songwriting process in a video called “The Mind Of A Master” and, well, you can probably guess how serious it is.

With an impressively straight face, Butler takes us through all aspects of his ~creative process~, from detailing a song’s essential parts (“a beak, an anus, and a hat”), outlining what guitar chords make him think of (“protein powder”), and revealing that he has the ability to write songs in any location (“I once wrote a song on top of a grape”).

“When I sit down to write a song, the first thing I do is take all my clothes off and throw up all over the place,” admitted Butler. “That way, I don’t have to worry about my clothes catching on fire, and I don’t have to take any breaks to throw up.”

“I once got a vasectomy in case my vas deferens was making my voice worse,” he continued. “It wasn’t — don’t believe everything you read in Guitar World magazine.”

Arcade Fire… all is forgiven. Watch the full video below.