6 Apps To Check Out If You’re Done With Social Media

Phones can be used for other things?

There’s still a bit of time before we head back to uni, meaning more time to sit idly on our phones. I don’t know about you, but it gets super boring constantly seeing the same shit on Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook.

Whether you’re more into gaming, quizzing or reading, there are always a bunch more apps to check out when you’re bored on your phone. Here are six apps to check out if you’re done with social media.

Episode – Choose Your Story

This app is the ultimate lifestyle game. You get to play a movie-type character and make all the decisions for them, controlling all their movements and the ending of their story. You can breakup with your boyfriend or give him another chance. You can move out of home or save money living with your parents. You can fake a pregnancy! One choice and you can change everything. It gets pretty addictive.

There are heaps of random stories created by fan users and then there’s the good quality episodes you can play, such as “Mean Girls: Senior Year” andDemi Lovato: Path to Fame”.

Find it here.

Cluedo: The Official Edition

Like the board game, this app is about solving a murder mystery by discovering who did it, with what weapon and where. The great advantage here is you can play the all-time classic app version of the board game all on your lonesome – you can get your Cluedo detective skills perfected. The only downfall is it costs $5.99, so you’ll need to dig around for an old iTunes voucher or just fork out the money.

Find it here.


Even if you’re never going to cook using these recipes, there’s something so satisfying about watching videos of food being made. Some of the many delicious foods you’ll feast your eyes upon (if you’ll pardon the pun) are eggplant nachos, cookies and cream brownie cheesecake bars and homemade dumplings. Oh yes. 

Find it here.

Podcast Apps

Instead of reading dumb shit on the internet, you can listen to dumb shit on the internet! Listening to podcasts is an easy way to soak in some information and pass the time on any commute (or work break). It’ll also stop you from staring so much at your screen.

If you have an iPhone, you’ll have a preloaded app on your phone but for android, you’ll have to get a podcast app from GooglePlay. Check out our podcast recommendations here and here.


If you’ve been listening to podcasts like we told you to, you’ve likely heard of audible. They swill ads for it on pretty much every show. It’s a audiobook listening app that lets you buy and download entire books straight to your phone ­– like a really, really long podcast.

The beauty of this is that you’re reading (knowledge!) while actually getting to do things (commuting! Cleaning! Going to the gym!). The cost is a bit extravagant ($16 per month plus whatever book you buy) but it’s a good investment if you want a lifestyle change.

You can find it here.


Tetris is the OG time-killing puzzle game, and 1010! is pretty much Tetris on your phone. Not only is it nostalgic, addictive and super fun, playing this will actually increase your concentration. Nice.

You can find it here.

(Lead image: Younger/TV Land)