The Internet Is Angry About Apple’s $1000 Monitor Stand

This may seem silly, but just hear me out for a second. Do you think Silicon Valley millionaires might be slightly disconnected from the rest of the world?

Apple WWDC 2019 Pro Stand

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This may seem silly, but just hear me out for a second. Do you think Silicon Valley millionaires might be slightly disconnected from the rest of the world?

In the early hours of the morning Australian time today, Apple kicked off its annual World Wide Developer’s Conference.

The company had a plethora of reveals and announcements in its opening keynote, including a new operating system just for the iPad, a look at the upcoming iOS 13, and the removal of iTunes from life support.

However, it was Apple’s hardware news that got people talking. The company showed off its new Mac Pro desktop computer, which looks like a cross between a space heater, cheese grater and toaster, and revealed their Pro Display XDR monitor, a 32-inch screen that displays 218 pixels per inch.

They also presented the Pro Stand, an aluminium arm to hold said monitor aloft like the prize Apple believes it to be.

People had been expecting Apple to unveil a new Mac Pro for a while, and the Pro Display XDR was no surprise either. What was a surprise was that Apple’s new monitor doesn’t come with the stand.

For that, customers will have to pay an extra USD$999 — over $1400 at the current conversion rate.

There’s no discount on the monitor, either. Australian pricing hasn’t yet been confirmed, but those in the US can expect to pay a ridiculous USD$4999 for the Pro Display XDR. That’s just under $7180 at the current conversion rate. Meanwhile, the Mac Pro will cost USD$5999 ($8600).

This means the complete setup will cost Australians at least $17,000.

The reaction has been negative, to say the least. This is likely due to the fact that, unlike Apple CEO Tim Cook, most of us do not have a net worth measuring nine digits.

Many on social media have pointed out that Apple’s shiny new stick of aluminium is more expensive than some iPhones. In fact, you could buy a brand new iPhone XS for the same price.

However, most have simply been repeating the words “$1000” and “the stand” to each other in various flavours of disbelief, ranging from amusement to numbness to rage as the words echo back from Apple’s hollow soul.

I suppose it makes a bit of sense. As the cost of living increases, wages stagnate, and the dream of home ownership drifts further toward Arthurian myth, people need a new aspirational yet possibly achievable savings goal.

Perhaps, if you work really hard, give up coffee and never go out with friends, you could have your own aluminium stick one day.