The Hot Guy From ‘Queer Eye’ Who Can’t Cook Roasted Junkee And Called Me A Bitch

Game on, Antoni.


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HOLY MOTHER OF SHIT, call me a piña colada because I am SHOOK. We have just found footage of Antoni responding to our article  ‘Does The Incredibly Hot Food Guy From Queer Eye Even Know How To Cook?’ on stage at comedy night UCB in New York, and folks, he is NOT happy. Amongst other things, he calls me a bitch.

And honestly, fair.

As you might remember, season 1 of the wonderful Queer Eye was notable for a lot of reasons: it was beautiful and heartwarming, it was revolutionary, it was fabulous. It was also notable because as we discovered in our investigation, it certainly looked like Antoni maybe couldn’t cook. Honestly, read this article, which was absolutely written tongue-in-cheek, with love, and very firmly as a joke.

We know that Antoni can cook. Or so we thought.

But the idea that Antoni only really knows how to make guacamole kind of took off, with Vulture, the New York Times, the New Yorker all jumping on board. Oops. Always, in every interview, Antoni firmly told the world that he didn’t read the press, and that his manager shielded him from criticism.

Fair, I thought — but I was also sad, because I figured that based on headline alone Antoni might realise that it’s 80 percent thirst, which is surely quite complimentary.

Also, here’s a picture of me with the Queer Eye guys when they were in Sydney the other week. I thought me and Antoni really had a moment.

But now, randomly, I have unearthed a video of Antoni at UCB’s ‘Night Late’ event, proving once and for all that he DEFINITELY has read the article, he’s DEFINITELY steamed, and he does NOT get the joke.

He spends a good amount of time talking about how he only cooked two avocado meals in the first season, and that the producers shouldn’t have placed those episodes next to each other, and sure. Makes sense I guess.

As he’s reading out the title of my article, he literally says “I know this by heart.”

“First off” he says, passionately. “Can I cook? Yes, bitch, somebody hired me to cook on TV!”

This is not the first time he calls me a bitch. He continues shouting.

“Good job calling me “incredibly hot” before insulting me — what are you, some kind of finance guy?”

LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. I mean, no — for one thing, my finances are frankly ludicrous, I work in digital media.

“I’m getting roasted by,” he says, indignantly. “Do you know how many followers they have? I do: 30,000. Do you know how many I have? 150 — I mean 806,000 followers.”

He’s referring to Junkee’s Twitter followers, which is actually pretty decent for an Australian publication, as there’s only 30,001 people in our entire country.

“This article should read ‘Should We Thank Incredibly Hot Food Guy From Queer Eye For Not Tweeting Us Out Of Existence?'” he asks. Well, not only is that not how Twitter works, it’s also a headline that’s way too long for our CMS system.

After this, he does go on to berating some other publications, such as Vulture, NME and GQ, so at least we’re not alone in his ire.

I love this so much, it’s hilarious. Just go and watch the video, it certainly is something. The Junkee part starts at 2:05.

Oh well, at least Bobby loves me.