The Anti-Marriage Equality Campaign Accidentally Chose The Bisexual Pride Flag For Its Logo


Bi Pride Flag Marriage Equality

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It’s been barely a week since the government committed to a postal plebiscite on marriage equality, but the vicious No campaign is already underway. Andrew Bolt and Miranda Devine have both penned long screeds on the issue, while disgraced Liberal MP Bronwyn Bishop went on Sky News to spout nonsense about polygamy and bestiality. Meanwhile, ABC News Breakfast host Michael Rowland was sent an anonymous postcard over his views on the issue in which he was described as a “media puppet” instructed by “degenerates”.

It’s exactly the kind of horrible, harmful rhetoric that marriage equality advocates and medical experts have been warning the government about for months. And we can expect a lot more of it in the lead-up to the vote.

Still, if there’s a silver lining to this whole ugly affair, it’s that while the anti-marriage equality lobby is loud and spiteful and dangerous, it’s also made up of idiots.

Case in point: the newly launched Coalition for Marriage, a conservative action group that consists of such charming organisations as the Marriage Alliance, the Australian Christian Lobby and the Christian Schools Association. According to its website, the coalition represents “the silent majority”, believes in “freedom of speech” and “freedom of religion”, and is against “gender-bending, politically correct programs like ‘Safe Schools’.”

And yet for some inexplicable reason, they’ve chosen a logo that looks almost exactly like the bisexual pride flag.

The group’s unfortunate (and hilarious) use of the pink, purple and blue colour scheme was pointed out by a number of people on social media, including GetUp! marriage equality campaign director Sally Rugg.

Twitter users wasted no time in roasting ACL head Lyle Shelton over his fancy new website.

It’s safe to assume that the Coalition for Marriage team didn’t pick the pride colours intentionally, since most of them think bisexuality is just something made up by the leftist media (probably).

Feature image via Wikimedia.