Anthony Albanese Is Being Roasted For Saying He’s “Not Woke” In A Daily Telegraph Interview

The "quickfire" questions included his thoughts on men having babies and Captain Cook.

anthony albanese woke

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The 2022 federal election is mere weeks away and if you were wondering what Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese is campaigning on, it is being “not woke”.

According to the front page of The Daily Telegraph on Wednesday, Albo is vowing “to swerve away from the Left”. ‘I AM NOT WOKE’, the headline for an exclusive Joe Hildebrand interview reads — alongside a picture of an extremely un-woke, arms crossed Anthony Albanese.

Throughout the lengthy interview with Hildebrand — the king of extremely bad takes — Albanese spoke so much but said very little.

“Labor is the party of mainstream Australia and the values of mainstream Australia are that we look after each other and that we aspire to a better life for future generations,” he told The Daily Telegraph in the interview, presumably getting a sore ass from his firm position of sitting on the fence on every issue from religion to wage growth. “Labor’s historic task is to move more people into the middle-class, to appeal to small business and if we don’t do that Labor won’t be successful.”

Considering he already has a red hot chance at winning the election without having to sit on the fence of quite literally every issue raised in the interview, it’s not exactly clear why Albanese decided to run with the concept of supporting both marriage equality, and those who sought to undermine it. But alas, that’s exactly what he did.

“Labor has a view and I have a view that I respect every individual for who they are but that has to apply across the board,” he told Hildebrand. “I was an avid supporter of marriage equality but I also supported a conscience vote at the same time. You have to respect diversity in all its senses, not just when it’s convenient.”

It is unclear if the train-wreck interview was meant to help or harm Albanese’s hopes of winning the next election. However, if you plan on basing your vote on Albanese’s views on men having babies or Captain Cook, News Corp also published a rapid-fire round of questions.

After reading through the entire interview, it is not obvious who Albanese actually stands to represent if elected PM — or what he would do. While he hasn’t gone so far as to threaten the rights of Australia’s most vulnerable — like Morrison has repeatedly done to trans people — he hasn’t said anything to suggest he will actually protect anyone.

But alas, while you’re selling a kidney on the black market to afford to fill your car with $3/L petrol to drive to your job for a salary that can’t keep up with inflation, at least you can rest assured that neither Scott Morrison nor Anthony Albanese is “woke”.