Muslim MP Anne Aly Is Facing A Flood Of Abuse Over A False Anzac Day Controversy

A false post was shared hundreds of times and generated dozens of comments calling for Aly to be deported.


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Just in case you hadn’t quite had your fill of post-Anzac Day madness, it turns out federal Labor MP Anne Aly, the first Muslim woman in federal parliament, is being targeted by a false rumour on social media accusing her of boycotting a wreath-laying ceremony in her electorate.

On the morning of Anzac Day, Aly posted this image with the caption “At the going down of the sun and in the morning, we will remember them”:

Earlier in the week she posted a list of dawn services in her Perth electorate of Cowan and encouraged her followers to attend. As far as traditional and respectful ways to commemorate Anzac Day go, it was hard to fault Aly. But, nevertheless, people found a way.

Comments started appearing on her Facebook page accusing her of refusing to lay a wreath at a service in Wanneroo, which lies in her electorate:
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Others suggested her apparent failure to lay a wreath was evidence of “disloyalty”:

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 11.55.51 amScreen Shot 2017-04-27 at 11.55.33 am

But the reason that Aly didn’t lay a wreath at Wanneroo is pretty simple. It’s because she was attending another service at Ballajura (also in her electorate) where she did a lay a wreath. She also gave a speech.

Aly cleared the matter up on the evening of Anzac Day, writing on Facebook: “For the people on here trying to claim that I refused to lay a wreath, I think it’s appalling that they would use Anzac Day to further their obvious agenda. Today should be a day of reflection on the sacrifices made for our country by people who exhibit true Australian values and spirit.”

However that didn’t stop the flood of comments, with more posters yesterday accusing Aly of boycotting the wreath laying ceremony.

Junkee understands the rumour started when an announcement was made at the Wanneroo service informing attendees that Aly wasn’t available and the local state MP would be representing her instead. An irate attendee, who was unaware Aly was in fact at one of the five other services in her electorate, contacted the Love Australia or Leave Political Party’s Facebook page.

The page then published a post calling Aly a “bitch” for not attending the ceremony.

The “Fair Suck Of The Sav, Mate” Facebook page also posted the false accusation, writing that Aly “refused to present” the wreath. The post was shared hundreds of times and generated dozens of comments calling for Aly to be deported.

“To accuse me of dishonouring Anzac Day is absolutely disgusting,” Aly told Junkee. “The people doing that are themselves dishonouring Anzac Day.

“I have a very strong with relationship with the RSL; I’m an honorary member of the RSL. For anyone to suggest I would dishonour Anzac Day… I found that quite insulting.”

In her view, the attacks have a lot to do with her cultural and religious background. “It’s absolutely got everything to do with that… That’s what I find particularly perplexing. It’s false outrage that I have somehow falsely disrespected Anzac Day; they’re doing that by utilising it for their own political purposes and social agenda.

“The only way I could be in two places at once is if I cloned myself. Australia is not ready for two Anne Alys.”