Watch Andrew W.K. Transform The ABC Foyer Into A Mosh For ‘Tonightly’

Party hard.

Andrew W.K.

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Party starter and motivational hero Andrew W.K. has done what he does best and transformed the ABC headquarters into a sweaty mosh, performing two songs on Tonightly.

W.K. just wrapped up an Australian tour, and last night popped by Tonightly to cap it off, chatting to Tom Ballard about, well, partying — and how the Republican and Liberal parties could learn a thing or two about thinking about partying above politics.

“It’s very hard to fix problems in a good mood,” he says. “You have to fix problems in a party state of mind.”

He then stormed an impromptu stage set up in the ABC Ultimo foyer. While he didn’t break out his treatise-as-banger ‘Party Hard’, he still established a party mood with two tracks from new album You’re Not Alone.

If you watched last night, you would have caught the title track and all of W.K.’s excellent facial expressions, but Tonightly has shared a bonus video of six-minute ballad ‘Break The Curse’ online too. Ain’t that a party?

Watch the two performances and interview below.