The ‘Andrew’ TikTok Meme Just Levelled Up Thanks To Triple J And Duke Dumont

Two powerful memes, together at last.

andrew meme tiktok red light green light photo

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Late last week, out of the mists of uncertainty and fear caused by the global coronavirus pandemic, an unlikely hero emerged: ABC political editor Andrew Probyn.

No, he can’t fly (as far as we know), and he doesn’t have the power to change the weather with his thoughts (again, as far as we know) but he does have the power to majorly piss off Scott Morrison at press conferences — which is equally as good.

In case you missed it, here’s a snippet of the original footage that kicked it all off:

In the ensuing days, hundreds of memes and parodies were cast across the internet. Now, it seems as if a new trend has arrived: mashing up the Andrew meme with Duke Dumont’s ‘Red Light Green Light’, kicked off by triple j’s Sally and Erica over the weekend.

Now, it’s spreading elsewhere, and friends: it’s glorious.

Keep it up TikTokers, you’re the only thing keeping us going.