Andrew Tate Could Be Behind Surge In Misogynistic Attitudes In Melbourne Schools

A petition is calling for Andrew Tate clips to be removed from social media.

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Unabashed misogynist Andrew Tate has reportedly been implicated in the rise in in sexist attitudes coming from students in Melbourne schools.

— Content warning: This article contains references to gendered violence, sexual assault, and misogyny. —

Teachers from various Victorian schools have reportedly seen a surge in sexist attitudes among their male students, telling the Herald Sun of more complaints from their female students about being slut-shamed or talked about in a degrading way.

According to the outlet, a 14-year-old female student at one school discovered that a group of boys were talking about having anal sex with her on Snapchat. There were also reports of male students participating in sexually violent conversations on Discord and joking about ‘group sex’ with a female peer.

A teacher at an all-girls high school told the publication that Tate — who has been enjoying a meteoritic rise on TikTok in recent months — has contributed to the uptick in misogyny.

“This sort of male toxic influencer shit is fuelling it … this term for sure,” he said.

A US school teacher voiced similar concerns on Reddit earlier this week, in a thread entitled: ‘The rise of Andrew Tate is ruining my freshman boys’.

“Have y’all heard of a sexist, misogynistic, disgusting excuse of human being known as Andrew Tate?” the thread begins. “Well, I promise you all your middle school and high school boys have, and they’re addicted to his content.”

“Just this week I had to have six convos with families about their sons saying shit like ‘women are inferior to men’, ‘women belong in the kitchen’.”

The Reddit user added that some of her male students are refusing to do assignments on, or read articles written by women, as “women should only be housewives”.

Andrew Tate, a former kickboxer, was ejected from Big Brother UK after footage allegedly surfaced of him hitting a woman with a belt. He’s been investigated by the UK police for allegations of abusing a woman, and by Romanian authorities for allegedly holding a 21-year-old woman at his home against her will in relation to a human trafficking and rape investigation.

At the time of publishing, it is understood that no charges have been laid against Tate in relation to these investigations.

The ubiquity of Tate’s misogynistic and homophobic spiels on social media have prompted a petition for the dangerous rhetoric to be removed from social media platforms immediately.

You can sign the petition here.