An Extremely Extra Mum Forced Andrew Garfield To Record A Video For Her Son In A Restaurant

This is exactly what you should do if you ever find a celebrity in the wild.

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For most people, accosting a celebrity at lunch would be at best impolite behaviour, at worst harassment — but somehow, mums manage to make it adorable.

For some reason, Twitter user Ian Palmer’s mother accosted famous person Andrew Garfield while he was eating lunch — assumedly a lasagna — and forced him to make a video saying hi to her son, who sounds like he had a mild cold?

“Hi Ian… Hi Ian, you have a very sweet mother who isn’t afraid of crossing boundaries… across lunch tables,” says Garfield, in a very DIY hostage situation aesthetic.

“Get better, sending love,” he continues. “This is Andrew Garfield, by the way.”

Andrew Garfield, if you’re unaware, is a famous actor who was once Spiderman, and who has presumedly done other things since then.

Probably the highlight of the video is how he very Britishly throws shade at the pushy mother.

The whole Palmer family has gotten in on the affair:

Naturally, people find the whole thing adorable.

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