The Government Just Lost Another Minister After A ‘Sugar Baby’ Made Some Disturbing Claims

If you thought 2018 couldn't get worse for the government, think again.

Andrew Broad resigns after sugar baby allegations.

If you thought things couldn’t get any worse for the Coalition government in 2018, think again. With just days left in the year, the Morrison government has lost one of its frontbenchers — Nationals MP Andrew Broad — who resigned today after a woman claiming to be his “sugar baby” came forward with some very interesting allegations.

Speaking to New Ideaa woman named Amy claimed she met up with Broad in Hong Kong last month after they started chatting on a website designed to connect sugar daddies with sugar babies. Amy said she decided to speak to media after Broad’s behaviour made her concerned that the guy really shouldn’t be in a position of power.

The behaviour she described ranged from weird to downright creepy. Amy alleged that Broad bragged about how powerful he was, referred to himself as “James Bond” several times, and also sent her a series of sexual text messages containing sentences like “I know how to ride a horse, fly a plane and fuck my woman”, and also “I pull you close, run my strong hands down your back, softly kiss your neck and whisper ‘Gday mate'”.

Broad is married, by the way. He was also the first Nationals MP who called for Barnaby Joyce to resign after his own extramarital affair made headlines, which is a bit awkward if the allegations published in New Idea are found to be true. Then again, at the time he also vigorously opposed the bonk ban.

Today, Broad resigned from his position as Assistant Minister to the Deputy Prime Minister, though he will remain in Parliament as a backbencher. He told New Idea that “I have been advised that the person making the allegation may have engaged in criminal activity. This matter has been reported to the Australian Federal Police and I will not be making any further comment.”

In a statement, Nationals Leader Michael McCormack thanks Broad for his three months of service on the frontbench, but said it was appropriate for him to resign due to the nature of the allegations.