Andrew Bolt Says A Child Who Was Groomed By His Predator Coach Was Just Being “Hit On”

Bolt has decided to be a cheerleader to yet another convicted sexual abuser.

Andrew Bolt

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Andrew Bolt has waded into another child sexual abuse case, this time saying that a 15-year-old boy who was groomed by a sexual predator was just being “hit on”.

Apparently not content with being a cheerleader for just one sexual abuser, Bolt made the comments while talking about the St Kevin’s College scandal with The Australian columnist Gerard Henderson

The case of St Kevin’s has hit the headlines after a Four Corners report on Sunday night, which looked into how a coach at the private boys school groomed a 15-year-old student. The report revealed that the Principal and Dean of Sport both gave the coach character references after his conviction, but provided no support to the student.

The pair spent most of the time defending the principal, who this morning resigned. But listeners were outraged to hear how Bolt painted Peter Kehoe, the man who groomed the student.

“Here we have an ex-teacher, he’s a volunteer coach. He gets a St Kevin’s boy, hits on him, no sex involved, but is convicted of grooming,” Bolt said.

To clarify, the offence of grooming involves predatory conduct designed to escalate into sexual activity with a child.

Under Victoria’s criminal code, “many perpetrators of sexual offences against children purposely create relationships with victims, their families or carers in order to create a situation where abuse could occur”.

Somehow, Bolt has interpreted the ABC’s coverage of sexual abuse (with both this case, and the case of George Pell) as an attack on Catholic institutions.

Bolt is still a fierce defender of Cardinal George Pell, who was jailed over historic child sex offences last year. Former Prime Ministers Tony Abbott and John Howard were both criticised for providing character references for Pell after his conviction.

Pell himself also provided a character reference for another notorious paedophile priest Gerard Risdale. Pell’s case is currently under appeal at the High Court.