Watch Amy Shark’s Haunting Version Of ‘Everybody Rise’ Inside An Eerily Empty Sydney Opera House

"Please stay strong. A horrible time in our lives."

amy shark sydney opera house photo

If you’re not across new ABC live music show The Sound, you should be. The first few episodes have featured the likes of BENEE, DMA’s, Lime Cordiale, Gordi, Angie McMahon, and so, many more — with legends like Jane Gazzo and Zan Rowe on board for hosting duties.

Last night, Gold Coast singer Amy Shark jumped on the show to run through her latest single ‘Everybody Rise’. She enlisted the Australian Girls Choir for the performance, which took place in the cavernous expanse of an empty Bennelong restaurant at the Sydney Opera House.

It was an arresting, and slightly haunting, performance, beautifully shot and presented; perhaps inadvertently, it appropriately captured the sombre mood of the nation over the weekend, as Victoria was plunged into harsher lockdowns to confront the coronavirus crisis.

“I’m not in Victoria [right now] but tonight there is a sad feeling in the air where I am,” Shark wrote on Twitter last night. ‘It’s been a tough year on many levels and again our friends there are hurting. Please stay strong. A horrible time in our lives.”

Watch the performance below. Catch The Sound on ABC at 5.30pm every Sunday.

Photo Credit: James Pellegrino/Mushroom Creative