American Apparel’s Gross CEO Dov Charney Just Got Fired For Being Gross

Next stop: Terry Richardson?

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In saddening news for creeps and lurkers everywhere, the board of American Apparel has suspended CEO Dov Charney and declared its intention to terminate his employment within thirty days. New co-chairman Allan Mayer said the board’s decision stemmed from an “ongoing investigation into alleged misconduct”, which is probably a very diplomatic way of phrasing whatever it was Charney did that finally tipped the scales. “We take no joy in this, but the Board felt it was the right thing to do.”

Charney, who founded American Apparel in 1989 (in Canada, weirdly), has long been known for his creepin’ ways. He’s been repeatedly accused of sexually harassing and assaulting his employees, as well as hiring staff based on their appearance and imposing weird, off criteria for “grooming” on female workers. His reputation as a weapons-grade pervert has never exactly been helped by American Apparel’s uniquely leering approach to advertising.


Exhibit A.

Now it seems American Apparel’s board has finally had enough. C

harney is yet to release a statement on his dismissal, but rest assured it will probably be whiny and give off a slightly nasty odour, as one might expect from a guy who poses like this:


Bye Dov! Miss you, Dov! Stop being awful, Dov!