Amber Heard And Barnaby Joyce Are Kicking Off Again Just Like It’s 2015

"I'd forgotten about her. She was out of my mind. But I'm in her mind, I'm in there like a bee."

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While you were eating your body weight in leftover Christmas treats and napping the days away, Amber Heard somehow gave us the ultimate throwback to 2015, where the biggest news stories of the day were about Aussie politicians fighting with Hollywood actors. Ahh, a much simpler time.

Heard introduced her new dog to the world over the Christmas break with a simple caption: “Meet the newest member of the Heard family, Barnaby Joyce! 🐶”


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Of course, the name is a dig to Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce, in a throwback to a 2015 scandal that saw Amber Heard and ex-husband Johnny Depp break Australia’s strict quarantine rules for animals after they entered the country with their dogs, Pistol and Boo.

Joyce led the outcry saying the two dogs needed to go back to the United States and warning they’d be euthanised if not. This led to Amber Heard and Johnny Depp making a public apology that was posted on Barnaby Joyce’s Facebook page, where they looked like the victims of a hostage situation.

Pistol and Boo survived the ordeal in the end, but it looks like Heard will never forget.

This isn’t the first time Amber Heard has made a dig at Barnaby since the ordeal. In 2017 when it was discovered Barnaby Joyce held New Zealand citizenship, Heard was quick to tweet about it.

Heard also tweeted about the new pup addition, much to the bemusement of many Aussies.

Barnaby Joyce has since spoken out about Heard’s new dog, basically saying he’s living in Heard’s brain rent-free.

“I can’t work it out,” he said. “I’d forgotten about her. She was out of my mind. But I’m in her mind, I’m in there like a bee, just buzzing around her brain. Now she’s named a dog after me. I’m flattered, good on ya, Amber.”

Joyce then went on to call Johnny Depp a “deadshit.”

Look, it’s not the news we expected to end 2021 on but after such a shitshow year, maybe it’s the news we needed.

This article was originally published on Punkee.