What We’re Watching Right Now, From ‘American Gods’ To ‘Dawson’s Creek’

From fresh new comedies to Jonathan van Ness’ super sass.

American Gods
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Here at Junkee HQ, we’re loving the heap of stuff that’s available to stream via Amazon Prime. From fresh new comedies to teenage football stars, Jonathan van Ness’ super sass to serial killers, here’s what we’re tapping into at the moment.

#1 American Gods

American Gods

Image: Starz

Part drama, part fantasy, American Gods is a critically-acclaimed feast for the eyes. It follows the story of Shadow Moon, a recently released convict who finds himself in the middle of a full-scale battle between the Old Gods and New Gods after being hired as a bodyguard for the mysterious Mr Wednesday.

If you took Blade Runner, Back to the Future, and the Harry Potter series and rolled it into one epic, shadowy dystopian fantasy, you’d have something resembling American Gods. Oh, and the second season is set to drop in early 2019. Enough said.

#2 Comicstaan


Image: Amazon Prime Video

Comedy is no longer solely a white boys’ club – and thank goodness for that. Prime’s brand-new series Comicstaan shines a light on the standup scene in India, using a reality TV format to find the next big thing in Indian comedy through a seven-strong jury. Sure, there are cringey moments (aren’t there always in these contest-style shows?), but it’s a pleasure to see things from a different perspective – and a reminder to look outside our immediate surroundings when we’re seeking new comedic voices.

#3 Bosch


Image: Amazon Prime Video

This one’s for the lovers of police procedurals (AKA everyone). Bosch stars Titus Welliver (of Lost, Deadwood and Sons of Anarchy fame) in the titular role of Harry Bosch, a LAPD detective embroiled in a wrongful death suit after fatally shooting a suspect that may or may not have been armed, depending on who you ask. In the series’ first two seasons, he’s tasked with solving some of the City of Angels’ most grisly crimes, making it perfect for those of us who revel in the opportunity to pick the baddie before the episode’s over.

#4 Dawson’s Creek

Dawson's Creek

Image: Warner Brothers

Believe it or not, it’s been two decades since the Capeside crew first graced our screens – so what better time to binge the entire series than now? You’ll be surprised at how sharp this show can be, despite what your preconceptions of it are – and looking back on Dawson, Joey, Pacey and Jen’s lives through an adult lens feels very different to how it did at the time.

Go on, trust us – give back in to the calamity of youth and take this one for another spin.

#5 Goliath

Billy Bob Thornton in Goliath

Image: Amazon Prime Video

If you’d prefer to be entertained by all the intricacies of the American legal system (and, let’s face it, who among us wouldn’t?), Goliath is for you. Starring Billy Bob Thornton as Billy McBride, a down-on-his-luck lawyer seeking justice in a corrupt legal system, it’s a gripping look at how truth is manipulated by those in power.

It’s the perfect watch for anyone who needs a reminder that even one person can make a difference, or is just stoked about having Billy Bob back on their screen.

#6 Gay of Thrones

Gay of Thrones

Image: Funny or Die

The most pure human being alive, Queer Eye’s Jonathan van Ness, uses his signature flair to put a unique spin on Game of Thrones in this recently Emmy-nominated recap series. Even if you’re not a GoT fan, you’ll find something to love here as the sassy hairstylist prances his way through the mythical world. Yassss!

#7 Forensic Files

True crime has confirmed its spot in the zeitgeist – it’s inescapable, everyone’s obsessed and, if you’re not yet, it’s just a matter of time. Why not revisit some of the best Forensic Files episodes to catch up on it all? Put on your detective hat and get to work from the comfort of your couch while coroners, legal experts and more try to get to the bottom of seriously mystifying, and often terrifying, cases.

With 20 seasons, there’s plenty to get stuck into, and way too many freaky, fascinating episodes to compile a highlights reel – just trust us on this one.

#8 Murderous Minds: Inside Serial Killers

If Forensic Files is a bit too whodunit for you, but you’re still on that true crime streak, Murderous Minds offers more insight into the psychological side of things. Journey into the twisted minds of notorious killers like The Rostov Ripper, Ted Bundy, and Harold Shipman -the doctor who killed over 200 of his patients.

For fans of Mindhunter, this new series is a thrilling, terrifying and unmissable ride.

#9 The Kicks

The Kicks

Image: Amazon Prime Video

If you’ve been swept up in World Cup fever (and let’s face it, who hasn’t?), don’t fret now that the last ball has been kicked – you can continue your newfound obsession through The Kicks, a teen comedy series that’s not just for the younger set.

Devin’s family has moved to California, away from the soccer team of which she was the star – and to a new team that’s not so crash-hot. Can she turn their fate around? If you loved She’s the Man or Bend It Like Beckham, you can get your kicks (sorry) right here.

(Lead image: Starz)

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