Could Amazon Change The Entertainment Industry With ‘New World’?

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After years of trying, Amazon might have finally broken into the gaming industry with its new game ‘New World.’

Amazon has tried to tap into the world of gaming before, but its attempts to produce a hit game have never really been successful.

And now that ‘New World’ is set to become the company’s first big gaming success, it’s likely the tech giant has tapped into a new way to grow its global reach and influence even further.

So, What Actually Is ‘New World’?

Well, it’s a multiplayer open-world game, where a huge number of people play at the same time against each other.

It has everything you’d expect from a big-budget game, including an expansive world and different modes of gameplay.

On the day it launched, ‘New World’ had a peak of over 700,000 players, which grew to over 900,000 throughout its opening weekend.

That made it the fourth highest game on record for people playing at the same time.

And it quickly became the top played game on the digital game distributor, Steam, beating huge games like DOTA2 and PUBG.

Whether this momentum continues is still yet to be seen.

But a lot of people have been referring to ‘New World’ as Amazon’s first gaming hit, including Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos himself, who praised its success on Twitter after what he called “many failures and setbacks”.

Why Is ‘New World’ Surprising?

Amazon kicked off its gaming initiative in 2012 making smaller mobile games before moving into developing bigger budget games.

In 2016, it announced that it was working on three big titles: ‘Breakaway’, ‘Crucible’, and ‘New World’.

‘Breakaway’ was described as a fantasy sports brawler, but it was cancelled in development.

‘Crucible’ was a team-based shooter game that came out in 2020, but it drew such little interest that it ended up being “un-released” and refunded.

Amazon’s biggest gaming success so far hasn’t actually been a game, but the streaming platform Twitch, which it acquired back in 2014 for almost USD $1billion.

Twitch’s annual revenue had reportedly grown to around USD $2.3billion in 2020, and its popularity saw a huge boom throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

But it hasn’t been until ‘New World’ that Amazon has been able to find any kind of success with any of its games.

Why Is Amazon Making Games?

Bezos supposedly views gaming as another way to sell subscriptions, by drawing gamers into the Amazon Prime universe.

Amazon is already a multimedia company; when it makes a new movie or TV show, it’s adding more content to its streaming service, Amazon Prime.

But when it makes a new game, that game is available to buy and watch on places like Steam and Twitch too.

Essentially, gaming is an industry that has the potential to totally expand where people can view Amazon’s content.

Amazon Games VP Christoph Hartmann has said that it’s almost impossible to imagine a world in entertainment without considering games.

And if ‘New World’ is any indication that Amazon might have cracked the gaming industry, then that could put it at a serious advantage compared with other game distributors.

Who knows, maybe an Amazon World is right around the corner.