This Bot Will Let You Know If You’re The Asshole Or Not

Spare Reddit your embarrassing delusions.

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A new Reddit-inspired bot will privately let you know if you are, indeed, the asshole.

The AI-driven site Are You The Asshole? is modelled off the viral subreddit r/AmItheAsshole, where users share their predicaments and anecdotes, and let the internet decide who’s in the wrong.

Classic shenanigans over the years include a guy asking if it was okay for him to stick his penis in the communal peanut butter, a dude suing his girlfriend for sending his vintage car to the scrapyard, and a guy dealing with shitty customers by pretending to get fired.

While there’s been some whacky submissions over the years, generally the split sees women wondering if asking for the bare minimum in their relationship is too much, and guys thinking their borderline deranged behaviour is normal.

But to spare the world wide web your public humiliation, Are You The Asshole will hand down a verdict without the risk of going viral. The project uses AI that scanned posts and comments from the original subreddit, and after inputting your own scenario, the site generously offers you an absolving, incriminating, and toss-up answers for balance.

“Please don’t submit any content that you would not want other people seeing. This is a tool for fun and education, not hatred and bigotry,” said the site’s mod-equivalent creators.

As pointed out by The Verge, the “feedback does a remarkably good job of capturing the style of real human-generated responses, but with the weird, slightly alien skew that many AI language models produce”.

Whether you jokingly make something up, or share a deep, dark secret — let the bot handle the philosophical quandaries. But maybe don’t literally take the robot brain goo to heart. For example…