The One Thing You Should Always Include On Your Dating Profile

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How much do you think about the photos you upload to your dating profile? Are they just recycled from your Facebook, or do you get your mates to take them especially? Because the photos in your profile, and how they’re taken, are really, really important.

The dating platform Plenty Of Fish surveyed over 1800 people, from 18 to 50 years old, to ask what they think about selfies on dating profiles.

Turns out, a fire selfie isn’t just good for your self-confidence. It can be good for your love life too.

Selfies Get More Messages

According to the Plenty Of Fish survey, 86 per cent of people said that they’re more likely to message someone if they have a selfie in their profile. That is a very large majority, folks.

They’re also considered a conversation starter to 73 per cent of respondents and sixty per cent of respondents also consider them a sign of a confident person.

So take a look at what your profile looks like through someone else’s eyes. If there’s way too many group photos, or blurry pics of you far away, get rid of them. Add in at least one selfie where you look cute AF instead. Just not too cute, because other research says that could deter potential dates. “Too hot to trust” is actually a thing.

God, being single is hard.