Malcolm Turnbull’s Son Is Urging People Not To Vote Liberal In The Wentworth By-Election

"We need to send a message on climate change. This time, don’t give the Liberals your vote."

Alex Turnbull urges people not to vote Liberal in Wentworth

Alex Turnbull is back at it — and by back at it, we mean enthusiastically undermining the Liberal Party at any and every opportunity. Yesterday he released a video urging everyone not to vote for the Liberals in the upcoming Wentworth by-election, and he actually makes a pretty solid case for it.

Alex Turnbull, of course, is the son of former Liberal Prime Minister and Wentworth MP Malcolm Turnbull, and a Liberal party supporter himself. But as he put it in the video, “I’ve been following Australian politics recently, and I’m disappointed.”

“We’ve had yet another leadership coup, and we’ve lost another Prime Minister. This isn’t exactly a first in Australian politics, but it does lead you to the conclusion that stable government might not be as stable as some people would like you to think,” he said.

“To me, this particular event seems to show the Liberal Party has been taken over, frankly by extremists on the hard right, who aren’t particularly motivated to win an election, and aren’t particularly motivated to serve the general public. They just want to pursue a crazy agenda”.

More importantly, though, Turnbull said he was speaking up to send a message on climate change, which he (correctly) feels should be a policy priority for all Australian political parties. He referred to the UN report on climate change released earlier this week, which called on governments around the world to take urgent, extreme action in the next twelve years if they want to avoid some of global warming’s worst harms.

“The IPCC report, frankly, was terrifying if you read the whole thing,” he said, in what may just be a dig at the Australian government ministers who publicly dismissed the landmark report before they’d actually read it. “It’s seemingly insane to me that we could not be doing something about this, and soon”.

Turnbull then went on to encourage everyone, Liberals included, to not vote Liberal in the upcoming Wentworth by-election, pointing out that it’s a great opportunity to send a message about what the government should actually be focused on.

“Here’s the thing about the Wentworth by-election: we’re going to have an election in 12 months anyway,” he said. “So if you want to send a signal as to which way the Liberal Party is going, and your displeasure with where it is going, then this is your opportunity. Don’t vote for the Liberal Party in the Wentworth by-election.”

You can watch the full video below. And if you live in the Sydney electorate of Wentworth, you can exercise your right to not vote for the Liberals on Saturday October 20.

I recorded this message for the people of Wentworth. We need to send a message on climate change. This time, don’t give the Liberals your vote.

Posted by Alex Turnbull on Wednesday, October 10, 2018