“Maybe Have A Nap”: Alex The Astronaut Just Bodied Mark Latham Over Climate Change

"I’ve got a physics/ maths degree...I see you studied economics. Maybe you should go back and have a look at climate science."

Mark Latham and Alex the Astronaut

Mark Latham has developed an entire brand around sooking on the internet — his last few years spent as a “political outsider” have mostly just seen him complain about cancel culture with precisely the lack of perspective and dogged misunderstanding of the big issues that he accuses the woke left of displaying.

Case in point? Yesterday, Latham, who rejects the scientific consensus on climate change, decided to take significant umbrage with a climate policy discussion hosted by Matt Kean and scored to the music of Alex the Astronaut for, uh some reason.

“You can’t make this stuff up,” Latham said, as though his outrage should speak for itself.

But it doesn’t. Public events have music. Alex The Astronaut is a popular musician. None of that seems so shocking? At all?

Anyway, within hours, Latham got a response — from Alex The Astronaut (real name Alexandra Lynn) herself.

“Hi Mark,” Lynn wrote. “Strange tweet, maybe have a nap … Hope you aren’t too worked up about this. That’d be a sad way to live.”

Brutal stuff, to be honest. And then, just to make it more brutal, Holly Rankin — AKA Jack River — the other musician that Latham had an issue with, also joined in. “We’d love to have you along Mark, but we don’t have the venue for 30+ hrs,” she replied.

I mean what is there more to say than you truly love to see it? You can check out more details about the panel here.