Validation! An $8 Aldi Rosé Has Been Voted Among The Best Wine In The World

Hell yeah.

Pink wine is my favourite wine, and for good reason. A good pink wine is not as sweet as the colour might indicate: it’s crisp, a little tart, and boy does it slide down good on a hot summer eve (or, look, anytime).

The other good thing about pink wine? The best drops are often super affordable — and I’m not the only one who thinks so. An Aldi rosé which retails for just $8 has just been voted as one of the best drops in the world! CLINK!

Aldi Rosé

The German supermarket chain, known for its low prices and odd European stockists, has recently received a swanky silver medal at the International Wine Challenge for its $8 osé. The wine, called Côtes de Provence Rosé (I mean, faaaaanncccccyyyyy) is a pink wine in the French tradition and a damn good drop (though it’s not available in Australia *crying emoji*). It’s now also award-winning, chosen by the judges for a silver medal prize at what The Sun has dubbed “The Oscars of the wine industry” (which, lol).

The Aldi rosé was competing against far more expensive drops, including a 2015 vintage of the Côtes de Provence, which retails for $30. In a competition against wines over three times more expensive than the little Aldi wonder, it still came out with the coveted silver medal. Aldi is seeking to “change the perception” around French wines, which they argue are viewed by shoppers as “expensive and intimidating”.

In fact, there have been countless studies into the connection between good wine and price, and often even the best immobilisers cannot tell the difference between a good $10 bottle and a good $100 bottle (just as we all suspected!). The Guardian has even called the art of wine-tasting a “junk science“. I love my wine, sure, but tbh I never taste any birch, or toast, or mahogany in it. It’s just wine I can drink (good) or wine I can’t drink (bad).

And, look, the $8 Aldi rosé is not available in Australia, which is sad, but Aldi Australia does stock a bunch of award-winning wines as well.

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Hell yeah.