Alan Jones Will Face Zero Punishment For Dropping The N-Word On Air

That'll teach him.

Alan Jones

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The Australian Communications and Media Authority (AMCA) has ruled that 2GB shock jock Alan Jones breached the Commercial Radio Code of Practice after he used the n-word live on the air. And to make sure he doesn’t do it again, he’s been ordered to… *checks notes* …do bugger all.

ACMA investigated Jones after it received “numerous complaints” about his use of the phrase “the n***** in the woodpile” while talking about Finance Minister Mathias Cormann’s role in orchestrating last years leadership spill against then-Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull. In its ruling handed down on Thursday, the media regulator found that Jones had “offended against generally accepted standards of decency”.

“The phrase used by Mr Jones has not been acceptable as part of everyday speech in Australia for some time and does not belong on our airwaves,” said ACMA Chair Nerida O’Lachlan.

Despite the strong words from the regulator, however, Jones will not face a fine or any other form of disciplinary action. ACMA ruled that although the slur was “widely considered racist” (yeah, no shit), it did not breach the threshold for inciting “hatred”, “serious contempt” or “severe ridicule”. This was despite ACMA acknowledging that Jones has used the phrase a number of times over the years.

Jones initially defended his use of the racial slur, declaring that he would not “yield to people who tell us certain words in the language are forbidden”. He later issued a half-hearted apology, telling his listeners “this is of course a live medium, and we all make mistakes”.

2GB has promised that the phrase will not be used on the air again. So I guess everything is fine.