Alan Jones Just Used The N-Word Live On Air

As if today wasn't cooked enough already.

Alan Jones

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As if today wasn’t fucked up enough already, conservative broadcaster Alan Jones has gone and dropped the N-word on live radio.

Jones was discussing the ongoing leadership turmoil in Canberra on 2GB Radio this morning when he used the expression “n***er in the woodpile” to refer to finance minister Mathias Cormann, saying that Cormann needed to reveal whose side he was on.

Cormann has since confirmed that he would back Peter Dutton over Malcolm Turnbull in a contest for the leadership of the Liberal Party.

The expression, which went to air uncensored, essentially means the same thing as ‘skeleton in the closet,’ and was in common usage in the 19th century. But it’s fallen out of favour since then, for pretty fucking obvious reasons.

But Jones stuck firm by his use of the offensive slur, immediately defending himself by saying “I’m not going to yield to people who tell us certain words in the language are forbidden”.

It’s also not the first time that he’s used the expression. In fact he used it to describe Malcolm Turnbull back in 2012 when he thought that Turnbull was after Tony Abbott’s job.

Jones has since apologised on Twitter. Although the apology might ring more true if he hadn’t used the phrase before, and acknowledged that he knew it was wrong this morning.

Junkee has contacted Jones and Macquarie Radio for comment.