Please Enjoy Alan Jones’ Grovelling Apology For Calling Malcolm Turnbull A “Traitor”

It's extremely satisfying.

Alan Jones

Conservative wart Alan Jones has been forced to apologise to Malcolm Turnbull after accusing the former Prime Minister of being “a traitor to the nation”. And my God it is so satisfying to watch.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got no love for Malcolm Turnbull. But there is something incredibly delicious about watching Jones grovel like this, as he chokes down his own words like the poison that they are.

“I went too far in my criticism,” said Jones on his Sky News show on Tuesday night. “I accused Mr. Turnbull of being a traitor to the nation. I acknowledge that I had no justification in making that false statement, and I unreservedly apologise to Mr Turnbull for doing so.”

The apology came after Turnbull reportedly threatened Jones with legal action, according to The Guardian.

The controversial broadcaster accused Turnbull of treason after the ex-PM endorsed former Liberal MP Julia Banks, who has decided to run against government MP Greg Hunt as an independent in the upcoming federal election.

Jones came under fire last August after using the n-word on his talkback radio show, something he has done on a number of occasions. He later apologised for using the slur. He was also criticised for attacking the head of Sydney Opera House after he called for her to be sacked over her refusal to display racing advertising on the iconic building. He later apologised for that too.

Anyway, you can enjoy Jones’ latest very sincere apology below.