The Funniest Reactions To Will Smith’s Insanely Blue Genie In The New ‘Aladdin’

"This looks like a blue version of Shrek."

Aladdin Will Smith Genie

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We seem to be in the era of nostalgia where the cartoon Disney films of our youth are exploding into live-action monstrosities. We’ve had Beauty and the Beast, we’ve got the new Lion King coming soon, and the new Aladdin just released a trailer during the Grammys.

A great question to ask is “why is this happening to us?”

But also, it is happening, so maybe we should just shut up. But, while I’d love to just let the gritty Aladdin reboot roll over me in a way of disposable culture, like an old dead fish rotting in the shallows, we do have to talk about something specific.

We’ve already had a bunch of very relevant and necessary discussion about how hot the new Jafar is. Personally, I always thought he had a kind of snake-staffed hotness, but this new guy is ridiculous. Cool! Good to have some thirst in a children’s film. But let’s ignore that.

We have to talk about how insanely blue Will Smith is.

I mean, I guess we have no context as to how a genie should look in real life, so maybe we’re all being weirdly genie-phobic? But on the other hand, a strong cerulean choice has been made, and it is frankly, a terrifying nightmare.

It’s worse when he moves. He’s too smooth, like a stingray floating over you in an aquarium, like a hazy desert mirage of a skeezy bouncer.

Naturally, the internet has responded strongly to this public-pool themed reboot, and the gags are particularly good.

Let’s all enjoy them. Together.

Aladdin hits cinemas May 23rd, so prepare yourself.