The Guy Who Came Out On ‘Queer Eye’ Just Got Engaged And We’re Crying

My heart is going to burst.

Anyone who has watched the delightful Queer Eye reboot on Netflix would remember AJ from episode four, titled ‘To Gay Or Not Too Gay’, whose emotional coming out to his stepmother left me a weeping mess on the couch.

AJ was the only queer person whose life was transformed by the Fab 5 in the first season of the reboot, and his ep was a real doozy. He started out as a guy who was afraid of being seen as too queer, for fear of some of the negative stereotypes and connotations that come with that.

In front of his friends, AJ was a proud gay man with an (extremely hot) boyfriend, Drey, but he wasn’t out at work or to his stepmother, who he had grown close to after the death of his father.

The episode ended with AJ reading his stepmother a letter he’d written for his late father, in which he came out and apologised for not being honest while his dad was still alive.

“I thought it was important to tell you my truth: that I’m gay. I wish I could share this moment with dad and he could see how happy I am,” AJ told his stepmother, before breaking down in tears.

The episode ends with AJ’s stepmother meeting Drey, and all of AJ’s family and friends hanging out in his apartment, dancing, and generally being extremely gay.

It was the moment the Queer Eye reboot really set itself apart from the original series as a show that intended to dig deeper into social issues and explore the humanity behind the men whose lives were being transformed.

Well now, in some lovely news, the official Queer Eye Twitter account has announced that AJ and Drey are now engaged.

This is lovely and heartwarming and I honestly can’t take it. Congrats to the happy couple. Please find below a photo of what I imagine AJ will be wearing on his honeymoon.

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