Kathryn Hahn Winking In ‘WandaVision’ Has Become Everyone’s New Favourite Meme

Kathryn Hahn is the gift that keeps on giving.

Agnes Harkness winking meme wandavision kathryn hahn

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It seems that all anyone can really talk about in recent weeks is WandaVision on Disney+.

From the constant stream of sitcom references and Marvel easter eggs dropped each week, to standout scenes like Vision’s speech about grief in Episode 8, WandaVision really is the moment.

So it’s really no surprise that the latest meme taking over the internet comes directly from the show, courtesy of the iconic Kathryn Hahn.

*spoilers ahead, obviously*

Thanks to Kathryn Hahn’s role as friendly neighbour Agnes Harkness (later revealed to actually be — spoiler alert — the powerful witch, Agatha Harkness) in WandaVision, the world is finally starting to take notice of the talented actor.

But beyond the exciting prospect of a potential new Big Bad in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Hahn has also given the world something we’ve been seriously lacking in 2021: A fresh meme format that’s actually funny.

Strangely, however, despite it having been “Agatha All Along”, the meme doesn’t actually come from a recent episode of WandaVision. Instead, the ‘Agnes Harkness Winking’ meme uses Hahn’s over-exaggerated wink from Episode 3 of WandaVision, where “Agnes” winks while perfectly playing the friendly, but gossip-loving, neighbour character.

Even stranger, because the winking clip was included in a series trailer from December 2020, the screenshot has actually been swirling around online for months.

However, it’s only been within the last week that the ‘Agnes Harkness Winking’ meme has actually taken off, as people pair the wink with all the little white lies we tell throughout our lives.

From trying to find excuses for those late email responses, to flat-out lying about actually reading terms and conditions, to Judas backstabbing Jesus so easily, Kathryn Hahn winking is the perfect reaction for just about everything.

Honestly, the meme potential is limitless. So everyone say thank you to the queen, Kathryn Hahn.

‘WandaVision’ streams every Friday from 7pm AEDT on Disney+.